Drew and Jessi - Albuquerque Engagement Photography

This day ended up being absolutely beautiful.

Taking photos during the summer is kinda risky. For me, the best time of day to photograph is about an hour before sunset.  The sun is low and warm, the shadows are minimal..it's perfect.  Okay, it WOULD be perfect if in Albuquerque during the summer there wasn't an 80% chance of rain and thunderstorms at sunset everyday.   As we (me and my wonderful assistant and best friend, Kelly) drove down to the North Valley the horizon was only dark clouds, and I could see the standard walls of rain in the distance. However, once we got settled in and met up with Jessi and Drew the weather behaved for us.  Every now and then the sun would poke through giving us some color, but even without it this couple was sunshine.


Anonymous said...

You are incredible!!! Such amazing work.. I am so proud to see you doing something you are so passionate about and to see you succeed. Love you!♥Kelly

Anonymous said...

Can't thank you enough! You did a wonderful job. O yeah and my mom cried when she saw them. :) haha