rebecca & david - las cruces wedding photography.

Over the past year I've been so fortunate to work with such beautiful and wonderful people. One of those is Rebecca.  Her and I have been in talks over the past year about her wedding, which was to take place in a Pecan Orchard and backyard in Las Cruces, New Mexico.  It was to be very down-to-earth, do it yourself, and relaxed.  : )

I. was. so. excited.

I'm a self-proclaimed wedding photography blog addict.  Green Wedding Shoes, Style Me Pretty.. you name it, I'm on it.  I love the inspiration that those websites bring.  They feature such beautiful creative weddings and engagements, and of course fantastic photographers.  I knew for a fact this was going to be one of those weddings!

It was absolutely gorgeous.  The ceremony took place in an amazing pecan orchard, surrounded by rows upon rows of greenery and trees.  It was so simple, and so perfect.  Nothing seemed to be rehearsed about the ceremony, which gave it such an authentic and beautiful feel.  Afterwards, everyone headed over to a gorgeous home with a ridiculously fantastic backyard.  Huge strings of bulbs were hanging from the trees.  The tables were adorned with the most adorable lanterns, flowers, and candles.  It was a picturesque back-yard wedding. I know how hard all of Rebecca and David's friends and family worked to pull this wedding off, and it showed in every aspect.  It turned out perfectly.

Rebecca and David seem so perfect together.  Whether it was during the ceremony or reception, their love seemed so honest to me.  Rebecca was relaxed the entire day.  Thirty minutes before the ceremony, she was still helping set up the reception space. That day was about getting married to David.  No matter what happened, no matter what little details could go wrong, it was about the marriage.. and I loved that.

I wish them all the best, and want to thank them for inviting me to Las Cruces and for allowing me to be part of this amazing day.


stacey clark said...

Simply beautiful.

david and becca tuton said...

ohhhh!!!!! kaethe, you are incredible! i'm crying all over again looking at all these pictures. you have given life to our beautiful memories and don't you think i won't be calling you again and again to share in our next life adventure ;) you are appreciated!!

xoxo the tutons

Anonymous said...

Breath taking photos!! So beautiful!!!

QiaoQiao Jade said...

Kaethe!! I had so much fun at this wedding!! Thank you for asking me to go with you!! And these photos are so beautiful!!!

Kelly said...

Okay Girlie! This wedding was so beautiful! Now it is time to make it officially on GWS! My absolute favorite is the one in the orchard! SO AMAZING! What a gorgeous wedding!

Arianna Carisella said...

So beautiful Kaethe! I love how the pictures in the orchard feel very vintage western. Great job :) You're an amazing photographer.

benilhalk said...

Rebecca & David’s wedding looks gorgeous. I really loved her modern wedding outfit with ruffles. Well, I personally love Disney themed weddings so will be having such a ceremony soon. We are currently finding the most suitable reception venue NYC that can complement the theme.