Deonna & Stephen - Albuquerque Engagement Session.

Deonna and Stephen really 'idealize' the kind of couple I LOVE photographing.  The whole time they were in their own world-- I just got to capture it.   Having done long distance, and currently in the process of, they told me that this photoshoot gave them an opportunity for some 'alone time'.  I LOVE THAT!  I hope that their honest love, passion, and friendship is visible in these photographs.

Photographing this kind of love is my number one passion.

It just makes me happy.

ALSO, these two were total troopers and let me experiment with something I've been interested in for a while.  I've been  dying to try out video making in cooperation with my photography for a bit. Although I try to be honest with my images, I feel like there's nothing like seeing someone's facial expression and manuerisms while they say something as simple as "I love you," to the camera.  Let's just say I'm officially in love (with video, and with Deonna and Stephen).  

Take a look, and grab some tissues.


Julie said...

Kaethe you are brilliant!!!!! Can Drew and I pretend to be engaged again to have more pictures done??? ;-)

Kelly said...

So Wonderful! :)