Mikaela & Matt - Albuquerque Engagement Session (part 2)

There was something so perfect and beautiful about the light this day.  We headed down to the river right before sunset, and tried to catch the soft light because the sun completely sets for the day.  Mikaela and Matt did their thing, and I tried to capture it.  They have this goofy and sweet friendship and relationship that just seems so right.  Contrary to earlier in the shoot, this part felt so so natural.

For me my photo sessions aren't about getting done in an hour, they are about getting to know my clients.  I think it's absolutely vital to understand them, in order to be able to capture who they are.  I've realized over the past few months of shooting more and more, the first hour of a photoshoot is really interesting and somewhat difficult.  I'm trying to get a grasp for how my subjects act in front of the camera, while my subjects are trying to understand my goofy posing and odd requests.  This photoshoot really exemplified my ideas on this subject.  The images from the second part of my shoot seem so real and natural, because I think they started to feel more relaxed behind the camera. 

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