The start.

Often I will be mesmerized by the skills of guitarists, how their fingers move seemingly effortlessly from string to string, or by my professors whom seem hold a library of infinite information in their mind. I think to myself, "I wish that I had something like that. I wish I had something people could watch me do, and think 'how does she know that?' or 'how does she do that?'".

On a daily, weekly, and sometimes monthly basis I create things. I usually create things for people to serve a specific purpose, or sometimes I sit down and just make things for me. The same goes for my photography. It is often very difficult for me to define who I am, what I do, and what I want to do in the future. All I know now is that I rarely get as lost in any kind of work, more than I do when I am being creative. I love the satisfaction I get after I spend hours immersed in something, step away from my computer (generally for a snack or sleep), come back a few hours later and am in shock of my own work. I forget that my skills and stories ARE special, admirable and shareable. Maybe art is my...guitar.

Here's a place for me to share.

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