Henderson Family.

This past weekend I had the opportunity to photograph Kendra, Chris...and the future Kira Henderson down in the North Valley of Albuquerque. This was my very first experience with a maternity shoot.  Honestly, I was nervous.  I'm always nervous with shoots, but with something new like this..I was especially nervous. 

I could NOT have asked for a better pair of people to photograph under these circumstances. These two (three) were so beautifully photogenic, outgoing, and made ME feel comfortable behind the camera.  Usually I ask the people I photograph to 'be in your own world' in order to capture genuine interaction, smiles, kisses, etc------these two did it naturally.  Kendra was glowing, Chris was smiling ear-to-ear, the sky was clear, and the sun was beautiful! Perfect day. I love my job.

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Kendra Henderson said...

You are so awesome!! We can't thank you enough for working with our awkwardness and somehow making us look great :) The pictures are beautiful!