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A new favorite hobby of mine in the past 5 months or so is looking at inspiration photo blogs online.  I can sit here all day flipping through some photographer's websites in awe of and learning from their work and work ethic. It's amazing how many people out there are trying to do the same thing that I am doing...and many of them have made it their lives.

A few things I have learned.

1) I am young in my work.

I constantly have to remind myself that I am still learning, and I am definitely still in the 'early stages' of this work. I am still developing a style, work ethic, and more importantly...confidence.  The only place where I can find this confidence is through shooting, shooting, shooting, criticism,  and more shooting. 

2) Don't be afraid to copy others you admire.

I have learned the most when I find inspiration, attempt to replicate it, and succeed.  This gives me confidence that my work is comprable to that of whom I admire the most.  This gives me a boost, and also it gives me a platform to establish my own ideas.  I first find something that ignites my interest, then I take it and grow.

3) Try to look at your work from the outside perspective.

Whenever I am browsing inspirational photo blogs, I assume the best of them! I look at their work and say, "WOW, they are really making it..".  I assume they are confident with their photography, customers, etc.  In my eyes, many other photographers can not fail.   I am trying to view my work from that same perspective--endowing myself with the same credit I give others.

4)  Be my own intern.
I am still working my way up.  I am still learning, and I will admit to that.  You don't start off as the boss, you start off making the coffee (even in your own company). You learn from others ahead you, you take criticism, and you accept and grow with failure...and you glee with success.

Speaking of which... I am so excited about this weekend.  In an attempt to grow a stronger portfolio and ultimately get more experience, I am doing my very first maternity shoot! Inspiration blogs, here I come..

www.sarahrhoads.com  (<<<<<<< my favorite lifestyle photographer and greatest inspiration of the moment.)


Pringle said...

Young in your career but not young in your work. You've always had a photographer's eye. The easiest part of a career as an artist is making the art. It's the rest of the stuff that is hard....promoting, marketing, etc.......
Love your work! Miss you too..

shane said...

I like your style of photography Kaethe because your photos show that you have thought about the lighting and how it affects the interpretation and overall feeling of the photo. The way you manipulate the contrast adds to the overall impression of the amount of time you have put into lighting your photos. You are on your way to phenomenal because you already are great. Winks*
Love, Shane Jones