Marshall Family - Albuquerque Family Photography

Yesterday I photographed the wonderful Marshall Family-- Becky, Conner, Thomas (2 years old), and Peter (8 weeks!).   They were so easy to photograph and up for anything. They were willing to sit in the tall grass with their new born for me, jump through fences, hop through ditches.. truly my perfect kinda family : )

There is nothing like sunset in Albuquerque's North Valley.  I am absolutely in love with the large cottonwood trees and green meadows tucked between.  After 14 years in Albuquerque, I'm still genuinely surprised by the beauty that surrounds us here.  The North Valley is a little oasis tucked away in the desert.  The sun hit the grass, trees, and beautiful family in such a gorgeous natural halo-like fashion, that quite honestly gave me the shivers when I was photographing.  So beautiful.

Thank you, family.  You guys were amazing.

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