Riley - Albuquerque Senior Photography

When I was in high school, one of my greatest passions was Speech and Debate.  While most people spent their afternoons in the school gym or fields practicing their swings, my friends and I were in the school library practicing our speeches.  My fondest memories from high school were long weekends spent at high schools prepping before rounds, playing cards in the cafeteria student 'lounges', or long bus trips across New Mexico with my best of friends. 

Sometimes our team would adopt 8th graders, whom had older siblings on the team, as members.  My senior year, we got a sweet 8th grader named Valerie.  Now, I didn't shoot Valerie's senior pictures.. but I did in fact shoot her best friend, and fellow speech-and-debater, Riley.  It's hard for me to believe that those 8th graders are now seniors.

I had such a nice time photographing this sweet girl!  Riley, her awesome Mom, Carrie (Speech and Debate Team mom!), and I walked around downtown and took pictures for about an hour prior to sunset.  Carrie told me, "The best part for me is watching my daughter "blossom" before my eyes. It so makes me smile."  This really struck a cord with me and made me realize the importance of photographs.  They capture this very important, yet quickly-moving time in a person's life.  The only way to truly preserve precious moments is through a lens.

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