Art is an Adhesive.

"Art is an adhesive, capable of consecrating unions among its spectators, illuminating the hitherto unacknowledged complexity of their interdependence" (298).
-Marc Robinson, The American Play
  I had the great opportunity to meet and photograph Michelle at the Albuquerque Academy a couple weeks ago.  5 months ago she had found me online and by pure coincidence, she recognized clients whom I'd photographed previously.  This prompted her to get in touch and schedule a session.  I knew from the start she'd be such a wonderful person to work with.  A few weeks prior to our session, she even emailed me photographs of the area where we were to photograph.  I love people who are passionate about their sessions with me.  When it is important to them, it innately becomes so much more important to me to capture something special for them.
She taught at the Albuquerque Academy for the past four years while pursuing a Master's degree at the University of New Mexico.  I knew from the start of photographing her that she was something special.  If any of you reading this have been a client of mine, you know very well of my ever insistent request for a 'fake laugh'.  This girl's 'fake' laugh and smile was amazing and natural.  Lo and behold, she is an ex-speech and debater drama girl just like me, which initially led her in the direction of New Mexico.  She has a creative and beautiful soul, and again I feel SO lucky to have met her.  From the quote she gave me, 'Art is an adhesive",  my art has given me the opportunity to meet such a wonderful person, and family. 

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