The Big Island.

I feel so blessed.  Even though my venture to Hawaii was short, my parents still managed to support me with a visit out last week.  After spending a few days doing a 'foodie tour' of Honolulu, we moved on to the Big Island.  Visiting the BI, after three months living in the urban jungle of Honolulu, was a shock to my system.  It was so... Hawaii-y, without even trying.  Black sand beaches, fields of Macadamia nut trees, volcanoes, small stands on the sides of the roads selling fresh fruit, homemade food everywhere, real genuine aloha spirit, and greenery.  Lots and lots of greenery.  I've never seen so many flowers naturally growing on the sides of streets. 

It was such a great week with my parents.  I'm so so happy that I got to share a little bit of my life out there with them before heading back to the desert.  Needless to say, I miss Hawaii and my life out there with Shane, but I'm grateful to be home as well.  It was so comforting to come home to my family.  After three months my nephew has grown so unbelievably much. He understands what we're saying now, which he most definitely couldn't before I took off.  My sister-in-law's baby belly has quadrupaled in size.  I'm expecting two identical twin nieces very soon!  Lastly, I'm about to kick off wedding season in just a few days with my photography partner Qiao Qiao.  It will be an exciting and nerve-wracking time for us as we pursue our dreams to grow and stablize our businesses within the next few months.

Before all the madness begins I wanted to share images from an amazing trip to the Big Island of Hawai'i with my wonderful parents.


(This is my 'Jory Vander Gailen' ;)


kara said...

Love you. These pictures are amazing. So glad you're home!

Jerry and Linnea said...

These are all so great, but what an awesome picture of your dad! haha <3 you kayyyy!

(ignore the username and deleted comments. I'm terrible at this blog thing.)

Jimmy said...

Nice memories seeing these. Spent about 3 months there a few years ago and enjoyed the wide variety of life. You are a great photographer and person!

Jory Vander Galien said...

I found it indeed...you warmed my soul with that picture and for that matter all the rest great work Kaethe!!!