Denelle and Stephen.

Being a military brat, you usually never get to hold onto friends for longer than four years.  Moving from base to base as a child we never got to experience what it felt like to have that friend with you from kindergarten til graduation.

Let's just say, I am extremely blessed.

My best friend, while my father was stationed with the Air Force in Aviano, Italy from 1993-1997, was Denelle.  We, and our dear friend Kayli, were literally stuck like glue to eachother.  I remember weekends where I wouldn't go home, and we'd spend 10 hours outside rollarblading the same block over and over.  I have so many memories being with her family and her being with mine.  The Starners used to joke and call Feta cheese... Kaethe cheese.

As four years quickly rolled around, our parents started getting orders to go our new bases and friends slowly started leaving.   My family was to be stationed at Kirtland in Albuquerque, New Mexico. 

I'll never forget the night when Denelle called me telling me her dad had received his new orders... Kirtland Air Force Base.    Everyone in both houses, hers and mine, can surely remember me screaming for a good ten minutes over the phone in excitement.   This never happens.  Ever.  

Over the years in Albuquerque, Denelle and I kept in close touch.  I'm pretty sure we inseparable
up until our teens.  We used to make ridiculous music videos and horror films with our dad's expensive tape recorders.  In high school, she went to La Cueva and I went to Eldorado.  We competed with eachother in C-team volleyball matches, and met up at Senate retreats.  It was actually surreal to me that we used to live in Italy together.  This was the same girl across the world in my 3rd grade class.   For some people this would be so normal, but for us it was an anomaly.

Two weeks ago, Denelle married her best friend Stephen.  I was so lucky and happy to be her bridesmaid that day.  It truly was the perfect most sincere wedding, and I'll never forget how blessed I am to have her in my life. 

Since I was in the wedding I didn't get photograph it... well, I didn't get to photograph the whole thing.  Here are a few snap shots of what I did get:


the bump. no bumpit required. 

Oh, and last but not least.... Denelle's nephew is officially my boyfriend.

Love you, Petunia!


QiaoQiao Jade said...

Blogstomp? Looks awesome!!!! The pics are awesome too!! <3 you!!!

Kelly said...

1. Denelle is beyond words the most beautiful bride!
2. Kaethe, your new boyfriend is ADORABLE!
3. I love this post! The pictures are lovely, sweet, and very behind-the-scenes! Fun to see the details and getting ready!
The picture of you girls at the end is my favorite! :)
Love it!

Courtney said...

I have just been looking through your blog, and I want to comment on every post, but couldn't resist this one. You captured the details so beautifully, and I had so much fun being a part of the wedding with you!