The Lamb Family.

I can not believe I haven't shared these images yet.  I can't. They are some of my favorite images...ever?

If I could describe this family's love in words, I would... but can't.   They are full of an indescribable love. When I asked them to hug eachother for pictures, they were real hugs.  They were enjoying every moment together.  I'll never forget taking the picture of Rachel and her father.  Her dad quietly sang to her while I asked them to close their eyes for a photograph.  It was so beautiful, endearing, and sweet.  Life together as a family is short and precious, and this family understands how valuable it really is.

Rachel is my ex-coworker from Popejoy Hall.  She is such a beautiful girl, with a beautiful spirit.  Working anywhere for three years you have your good days and bad days, and this girl was always there to listen to me and was a shoulder to lean on.  I love and adore her more than anything.  Thank you Rachel!

I am also extremely excited about photographing her brother and future sister-in-law's wedding in November!  It is in Las Vegas, and will surely be a memorable experience :)

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Anonymous said...

I think you absolutely captured the beautiful and unique spirit of this family. Amazing photos!