Tanya: Nineties Editorial.

As I delve deeper into the photography community in New Mexico, I realize what a vast array of talent and greatness there is.  One example of that is Tanya LaBrake.  She is an absolute stunner, a mother of five, ex-military, fitness star, and on top of that... an up and coming photographer.  The past few months, I've been following her work, and have been dying to photograph her.  The only issue is that I haven't exactly ever worked with a model before.  I finally bit the bullet and asked if we could trade services.  : )

One of my biggest goals with my work is to maintain my style across different genres, whether it be family photography, weddings, or editorial.  Today I got to test the waters.

Here is the beautiful Tanya LaBrake, with some appearances by one of my favorites, QiaoQiao Jade Bi.


stacey clark said...

oh. my. gawd. You ROCKED this shoot. Brilliant.

monique said...

These are so great and unique! Wonderful work, you two!

Colin Bridge said...

Great job Kaethe! You rocked it, youve never worked with a model? I would never guess that. I know that laundry mat all to well. I bet you had some looky loos there huh?

Darleeeeeeeeeeeeeeene said...

Geeze! Qiao Qiao is WORKING it in these pics! :) The other model is gorgeous as well. Great idea, great shots. <3 <3 <3