Anna, Mark & Anthony.

Back in January I photographed Anna and her growing baby belly.  Now, she's already been a mommy for about 6 weeks.   They invited me into their home to try and capture this very new and special time of their lives.  He is absolutely precious, and they are absolutely precious with him.   I  love shooting inside people's homes.  It's a such a personal environment, and I hope that 10 years from now they can look back at these pictures and feel a closer connection because it shows a greater picture of what their life was like during this time.  Yikes, that was a long sentence. Here are a few images from my session with them. :)

Also, I revamped my blog!  I want to simplify my life a little bit, so naturally instead of cleaning my room, I cleaned up my blog.  Let me know what you think.

Happy Tuesday!

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