In the midst of all my editing and shooting, sometimes I get so lost that I forget that I'm a photographer.

That must just sound silly.

When you are spending two hours behind the camera, and 15 behind the computer screen it begins to make more sense. Every time I pick up my camera before a photo shoot I get really really nervous.  I mean reallllly nervous. Do I even know how to work this thing?  Am I going to know how to pose these people?  Are these people going to think I'm a freak? The latter statement generally ends up being true.

The funny thing is, from what I've come to realize, is that EVERY single time when I begin shooting a sense of relief comes over me.  I love it... and even though I just shot three days ago, I already forgot how much I love it.  I love the adrenaline I get during photo shoots.  I love the preemptive nerves that come over me before working with new clients.  I love the thrill of having to come up with ideas when approached with a completely new environment. Don't even get me started on the nerves that come along with shooting weddings.  More than anything, I LOVE seeing ideas that I've been dreaming up come to life.

Who ever thought being a photographer would be such a thrill-seeking profession? 

Annnywayssss, I have been trying more and more to do more personal work.  I need to be shooting even when I don't have to be shooting.  It's so so important to practice, and to push yourself when you are your only motivation.   One such example of this is a small little lifestyle shoot I had with Bella Robles.  She's a talented and b-e-a-uuutiful photographer in Albuquerque.  Working with other photographers is awesome.  You get to ask them to do totally weird things with absolutely no judgement attached ;)


QiaoQiao Jade said...

Looks great Kaethe!! <3 <3 <3

Dena said...

Kaethe, your photos are beautiful (and so is Bella Robles, of course!). I absolutely cannot wait until my shoot with you :) We can try fun stuff too... I won't think it's odd :)