Valerie and Grace.

Valerie and Grace have been best friends since... forever.  They just graduated from high school and are soon going to be heading off to different colleges across the country from one another.  Here are a few images of the beauties from their best friend shoot.  Thank you, girls, for asking me to do this for you!

My best friend Kelly is about to move across the country to North Carolina to be with her boyfriend.  Who am I going to watch the Bachelor with?

I don't wanna talk about it... :(

I want a best friend shoot.



QiaoQiao Jade said...

Good job Kaethe!! Those are very beautiful photos!!!

QiaoQiao Jade said...

And you made UNM look much better lol

Unknown said...

Um... you are going to watch the bachelor with me!! Seriously, the girls and I get together every week to watch it, you have to join! :)

Lacey said...

That was me who commented above! ^^

Kelly Elizabeth said...

OH MY GOSH! I LOVE LOVE LOVE you so much kk and this shoot was ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE!

I would be THRILLED to do a B-F-F shoot with you ... such a cute idea and to be honest, I need pictures of you to frame in my new home! I will look at you and countdown the days until I get to see my bestie! okay, also.. don't be too sad, I am coming back! You can see what I'm up to on my blog (which I just posted my latest and greatest -- its about us !) and we will always watch the bach together forever!!!!!!!!!!