Ferguson Family - Lola is turning 1!

Last Fall I met Elyse and Ben, who had just recently welcomed their baby girl, Lola, into the world.  They trekked out with me and their pup to one of my favorite locations in the North Valley.  A couple months ago Elyse contacted me about getting pictures taken for her Lola's 1 year.  I couldn't believe that much time had already passed.  When I met them a couple weeks ago, Lola and Elyse ( and Ben,  you too! ;) were as beautiful as ever.  It's amazing to see how much babies grow and develop in that short of an amount of time.  She went from being a tiny new born in one photoshoot, to eating strawberries on her own and saying 'mama' in the next.  Life goes by so quickly, and I'm so happy sometimes that my job is to document and preserve it.

Also, how I come to work with such wonderful families.. I just dont know.  I've got the best clients/friends ever.  I am SO grateful!!

Happy 1st birthday, Lola! Lots of love!

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kelly said...

LOVE the balloons and the brightly colored outfits! BEYOND CUTE! :)