kara, justin & august.

I love my family more than anything.

My brother Justin and my sister Kara are expecting two identical twin girls in the next couple weeks... or days?  We are so excited for these two to come into our family.  August, my sweet nephew, has been the biggest blessing on earth.  Over the past year and a half he has given us so much joy, and entertainment (especially at the dinner table).  It's hard for me to imagine what it's going to be like to have two more little ones running around, but I'm sure once they are here we won't be able imagine life without them.  That's how I feel about my new siblings, too.  Kara and my new brother-in-law, Jason, are such important parts of my life now, and I really couldn't imagine life without them.  

Kara and Justin's little (almost big) family is starting to mimic our own.  The oldest is a boy, the middle two are twin girls... all they need is a little Kaethe, and they'll be all set for life! ;)  Today is their seven year wedding anniversary, and I hope these pictures reflect all of the love and strength that's come out of these past seven years.



Okay, I know I can be biased, but this time I know I'm not.  Kara is THE most beautiful pregnant person with twins I've ever seen.


stacey clark said...

Beautiful pictures of a beautiful family.(and you are totally not biased..she looks amazing!)

karamia said...

how many women have you seen that are pregnant with twins? that's like saying august is the best nephew you've ever had ;) jk

thank you so much for blessing us with your talent! I will forever cherish these and all the other photos you've taken of our family! Next up...newborn photos!

love you!

QiaoQiao Jade said...

Kaethe did so good!!! <3