Christine and Eddi

Meet Christine and Eddi.

They only met last year.. and now they are engaged to be married.  When you know you know... and even after a just few minutes of seeing them together, I knew too.  Their love seems so unbelievably genuine and sweet, I could barely handle it.  I don't think I've said the word 'cute' so many times in the matter of two hours.  Every second I looked through my camera, Eddi was kissing Christine's forehead.  They looked at each other, made goofy faces and laughed throughout our entire time together.  Their love was easy to capture with my camera simply because of how real and obvious it was.

It makes me so happy to know great people like this find each other in this life.  I wish them the absolute best.. and can not wait to be part of their big day next May.

A few pictures from our afternoon together: