The beautiful Jessica Inman is on the blog today!  She is an amazing photographer at Kim Jew, and has been shooting there for about 6 years.  There is nothing more intimidating than photographing someone who photographs people for a living, especially when they are this dang beautiful.   Check out some of her work, here.  : )

I have been shooting so much lately and I absolutely love it.   If anyone has read the book Outliers,  I'm working on getting to my 10,000 hours mark.  (If you haven't read that book, you definitely should!)..... I'm probably only a 10th of my way there.  I have been noticing that my style has been changing the more comfortable I get behind the camera.  When I am shooting, I think to myself, "What kind of photograph am I going to be proud of, one, and what kind of photographs am I going to want to edit later, two?".  This really makes me  more conscience of my actions while behind the camera to always attempt to create something that represents who my subject is, but also attempting to create something that represents me as the photographer. Does that make sense?

Enjoy the fotos! Happy Wednesday!! 

P.S.  Two week countdown to my sister trip to Korea starts right... NOW. 


Anonymous said...

Great images...easy to to do well when you have a great subject:) Shes not only an incredible photographer, shes a blast to work with:)

Kelly Elizabeth said...

OMG- these are gorgeous pics! I love the last picture... its so beachy! But in ABQ?? Que amazing little R!

I can't even imagine how infinitely amazing your pictures will be at 10,000 hours either... Maybe you only need that tenth to master your art :)