Long time no see.

I was so lucky to have my best friend and her boyfriend, Michael, come visit Shane and I in O'ahu.  It takes a good friend to fly across the Pacific for you.  It was so comforting to connect the two worlds-- Hawaii and New Mexico.  

We spent the week cruising around the island in a four door topless Jeep Wrangler.  We laid in the sun, devoured Korean BBQ, stopped at endless beautiful 'scenic points' along the coast, snorkeled, and had a perfectly wonderful Spring break. 

A few pictures from a sunset shoot on the beach.

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Kelly said...

You are such a beautiful photographer! Michael and I are so grateful to you and Shane for hosting us in such a beautiful place. I love your work and enjoy seeing your creativity come to life in every photograph you take! I'm so lucky to have you as my friend, and also very excited to see where your heart and talent lead you in your career. Hawaii is absolutely breathtaking. Thank you both for your kindness,
Love you! Kelly :)