best french toast in the world?

Hawaiian sweet bread +  French Toasty goodness = Heaven  (see below for pictures of it..)

Heres a bit of photos from our day out yesterday.  Gonna miss this place.

p.s. I am SO proud of Shane.  He shot many of these pictures...by himself, on manual! Thats no easy feat.. he's a fast learner, and pretty awesome.

p.s.s. If you are wondering what the last photograph is.. it is Poke.  Tuna sashimi. Yum.  We got it on the side of the road from a Poke truck.  Only in Hawaii.



kara said...

that french toast looks soooo yummy! now i'm craving it!!! ;) and hawaii is sooo beautiful! i hope you enjoy your last few weeks there!! we can't wait to have you back!!!

kaethe said...

its sooo beautiful here, and that french toast is beyond words!! its made from hawaiian bread, so its SO fluffy and light. Especially with all the butter ;)

I miss you guys SO much, you've no idea! Can't wait to see you guys, and snuggle august!!!

Kelly said...

My favorites are the really natural ones.. Shane with the grass and the road and you with the fence! I love you and I love Hawaii! Your pictures are a dream come true!