Hawaii time.

I have been living in Hawaii now for three months.  Life here is different.  It's slower.

A little note about myself:  I'm a fast walker.  People always mention to me that my legs seem so speedy.  I remember in college, when walking from class to class, I'd walk as quickly as I could--head down, on a mission.  When I first arrived in Hawaii Shane had to force me just to slow down.

"You're on Hawaii time now," he'd say.

I didn't quite understand at first.  Three months later it has totally infiltrated my inner-being.  We spend our weekends having lazy mornings, walking around the streets or beach doing nothing in particular, getting frozen yogurt even though 'we just had it yesterday..', watching two or three movies in a row, and renting longboards (but really just getting them to float around on our backs in the ocean to get a suntan).   The other day, by the way, we saw two sea turtles swimming right next to us!   So, three months later...and Shane says I officially walk TOO slow.

Two lessons I've learned from Hawaii:

1)  Walk slower.  Live slower.  It takes out so much stress and urgency from your life that might not actually exist in the first place.

2) Aloha.   Treat everyone with it.  Before I came here, I just thought it meant 'hi' and 'bye.  Now I realize it is so much more.  It means love, respect, family, thank you.. basically everything good.   Don't do things for people to get something in return, just do them to help.


Russell Crowe & Ben Affleck said...

Love it! Live with Aloha.

Kelly said...

Okay girl. I love the post. The words are beautiful and so are the pictures. But literally after only five pics I said out loud to Sar, " That's not enough pictures!" Thus, this post simply must inspire more. Just think of future Kaethe, (in about 4 weeks) you will definitely want more pictures of the beauty you are living in ! aloha boney macaroni! :)