Caitlin & Chad - Albuquerque Engagement Session.

VIP VIP VIP!  Talk about an amazing idea for an engagement session.  Caitlin asked if it'd be okay to do their engagement session inside the Pit.  Chad is an ex-Lobo basketball player so we were able to have full reign of the arena for a few pictures.  It was amazzzzing!  Chad and Caitlin currently live in Spain because he playing professionally for a team out there. Basketball is such a huge part of their life, so this truly was the most perfect location.

 The two have been dating for a long, long time.  Being around them, the two of them together just feels.. right. They are so relaxed and comfortable with one another that it truly felt like they are already each other's family.  I absolutely cannot wait to photograph their big day next summer.  I know for a fact it's going to be a beautiful one.

Thank you, Caitlin and Chad, for asking me to do this for you.


QiaoQiao Jade said...

So many good photos Kaethe! <3 <3

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Julie said...

I love the silhoutte picture with the whole pit in the background- it looks like amazing!!! You are a truly a fabulous and talented artist!